DeVita Skin Care’s Affiliate Program is available for bloggers and influencers that would like to promote DeVita Skin Care products!

DeVita offer’s two link types:

  1. Website Banners: Full banner codes of our products, with most common sizes that banners use. The codes are meant to be placed on blogs to display our product banners. When visitors of the blog click on a banner they are sent to , if they make a purchase, the affiliate gets 8% commission from the first purchase, and 2% commission for the recurring purchases.
  2. Text Links: To be used within blogger’s copy when talking about DeVita or specific DeVita product(s). There are 2 types of links: by product or website homepage. Bloggers are welcome to use either of them.

We are currently working on widening up the variety of ways to help our affiliates show our products. More link types are coming soon.

You will have access to a user-friendly affiliate dashboard to access the links for your blog along with tracking of visitor traffic and sales that came to our website using the links from your page.

DeVita Skin Care will approve and pay commissions via check on the 30
th of every month, within 60 days after the $100 minimum threshold is met. If the threshold is not met, the amount rolls into the next month.

To sign up, please visit


  1. When bloggers write about our products and use our links, the publication must be unique. Copy/paste of the product description from is prohibited, with the exception of product ingredients.
  2. DeVita will not pay commissions on returns.
  3. DeVita prohibits using personal links for self-purchases.
  4. The only way to receive a commission is on a valid sale of DeVita products.
  5. Before issuing the first payment, DeVita will need the member to submit a completed W-4 form.
  6. By signing up with our affiliate program, the member agrees to receive email communications from DeVita.
  7. Our general terms and conditions and privacy policy apply to this program as well.
  8. At this time we accept applications from US residents over 18 years old. Void where prohibited.

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