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absolute BASE | Waterford #1 | 0.42 oz/ 12 gm [ML01]

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I've gone through a few mineral makeups over the years, and this one is very nice. It goes on very smooth, and I was surprised how similar it feels to YoungBlood mineral powder (which has before been the best I've used). I really love the moisturizing effects, and it keeps the pores on my face nicely smoothed without sinking into them. I have shiny skin and it doesn't completely cover that up, so I do need to reapply another coat after 6 hours or so. However, I am hoping the moisturizing effects in the makeup will trick my skin over time into producing less oil, since my skin is only extremely oily when I'm wearing mineral powder that dehydrates it. The reason it's 4 starts instead of 5 is the absence of SPF, which is disappointing. I like to simplify my morning routine as much as possible, and putting a sunscreen on as a base is rather irksome. It also means that when I reapply my mineral makeup later on, I am not boosting my SPF coverage. I am looking into other SPF options such as sprays, and I do intend to give this brand of mineral makeup a fair chance by trying it for at least 6 months (which for me probably means at least one more purchase, if not two). I have a feeling it will make a difference in my skin as far as hydration, but the lack of SPF was the reason I gave up on YoungBlood and I expect that without significant improvement in my skin, I may end up moving on from this one as well. Time will tell :)
Date Added: 09/12/2013 by Virginia Jaynes