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BENEFITS:Anti-aging, antioxidant super serumCan protect/repair cells from premature aging Skin ..

BENEFITS:Gentle, yet effective exfoliationIncreases effectiveness of serums and moisturizersRound, ..

BENEFITS:Cleanses and hydrates skinRemoves makeup and impuritiesUses natural soapwort instead o..

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What’s Growing in your Makeup Brushes?!

What’s Growing in your Makeup Brushes?!

DeVita 22/06/2016 0
 How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Once a week, month, year, maybe never? Left over makeup and oils from your skin can build up and create  the perfec...
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Contour Challenge

Contour Challenge

DeVita 21/07/2016 0
 2 "regular girls" trying out contouring for the first time!...
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The Importance of Solar Protection

The Importance of Solar Protection

DeVita 07/09/2017 0
 If you think skin cancer is no big deal, think again. Although skin cancer can seem like little more than a pesky problem by having to get minor growths and mo...
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Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care

DeVita 14/12/2017 0
How to Take Care of Your Skin as the Weather Cools.  By Amanda Harvey If you’re in the central Arizona area like the home of the DeVita offices, winter is final...
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